AG Equipment Italian Made Commercial 6 Series Electric Single Deck Oven





AG Equipments Italian made single level deck electric oven with stone hearth is a perfect option for busy restaurants and pizzerias that are regularly producing pizza, pretzels, flat breads and many other bakery products.

The efficient design allows you to bake either directly on the hearth deck or on screens, pans or baking sheets. Top and bottom temperature controls and manual shut-off come as standard.

Our TRAYS GLASS range of electric deck ovens come with a larger than standard window so you can even better keep track of your backing.

Backed by AG Equipment 12 month warranty you can be sure you are buying the highest quality commercial kitchen equipment from a trusted Australian based supplier.

  • High quality steel construction with stainless front
  • Can fit 3 x patisserie size tray (600mmx400mm) / 6 x 35cm pizzas
  • Internal lights so you can see you items though our large veiwing window.
  • Heavy duty stone base
  • Individual temperature controls for top an bottom heating elements
  • Analog temperature control/gauge.
  • CE Approved
  • Note: This unit can be configured for a three phase electrical connection or Single Phase  (cable not included) and will require a qualified electrician to install.