AG Equipment Two Door Commercial Worktop / Under Bench Fridge 800mm Depth (X Series)





Designed for hospitality venues where both bench and fridge space are required.  This two-door stainless-steel workbench refrigerator is designed to keep products in easy reach and can be used as either a worktop or be built in under a bench. With self-closing doors that keep contents fresh and adjustable shelves that will each accommodate a full patisserie tray or pan (600mm x 400mm), the full 390L storage capacity is conserved with the inclusion of a unique centre shelf connector that allow you to use the entire shelf space.

This unit operates at up to 43°C ambient temperatures and has automatic defrosting and fan-forced ventilated cooling powered by an Cubigel compressor.

The new X-series has been redesigned with dual fans, located at the front and side of the unit.  This new design frees the rear ventilation space allowing you to position these models flush against the back wall.  All you are required for ventilation is to provide 150mm at the side and the front clear from obstructions.

R290 Refrigerant is non-toxic, natural, and free of ozone depleting properties. R290 is one of the most climate friendly and cost-effective refrigerants available. Fridges and Freezers using this refrigerant are more efficient and can reduce you overall energy costs by up to 28%.

When you buy from AG Equipment, you know you are getting a twenty-four-month parts and labour warranty from a trusted Australian supplier.



  • Stainless steel worktop
  • Two doors
  • DIXELL LED controller and display


  • Stainless steel body and doors
  • 390L capacity
  • 2 adjustable wire shelves per door
  • Centre shelf connectors
  • Pre-installed castor wheels
  • 43°C ambient temperature
  • Cubigel compressor - NUM55CA


  •  Temperatures between +2°C and +8°C
  •  Electronic temperature control
  •  Fan-forced ventilated cooling

Installation and Maintenance

  • This unit must be placed leaving clearance for ventilation.  Please refer to the user manual for details
  • Form optimal performance and longevity the condenser filter on this unit must be cleaned monthly

    NOTE:- We are in the process of updating images for the new X-series product line.  Current product images are of the old model and for illustration purposes only, actual products may differ in appearance.  Product description and specifications are fully updated to the X-series product line.